Mentorship: teaming up to succeed


Friday, August 19, 2016
Many entrepreneurs have access to mentorship, which helps them succeed in business. The Devenir entrepreneur program will give you insight into this practice that draws the emerging, next generation as much as it continues to be a real source of inspiration and guidance for the most experienced leaders. Discover mentors-mentored teams, advice and beginner tricks as well as features behind mentoring.

What is a mentor?

Entrepreneurs who may feel alone when faced with daily challenges, often turn to more experienced businessmen and women for reliable advice. Mentor, business coach, consultant… these are key contacts who can support the entrepreneur and help him progress. But are these contacts all the same?

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The duo: Claude Leduc and Guillaume Fortin

Guillaume Fortin

Guillaume Fortin, founder of Neuromatic

BioSuccès’ mentoring cell, part of Réseau M, aims to shine a light on entrepreneurs active in the field of human sciences and health technology. Many leaders have shared their experiences to help steer young professionals and guide them on their journey. Claude Leduc, a CEO with more than 27 years of experience, and Guillaume Fortin, founder of Neuromatic in 2013, form a winning mentor-mentee duo. As partners, they maintain a professionally enriching relationship.

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Mentoring in a social economy: customized support

Quebec has more than 7,000 businesses and over 150,000 people working in the social economy field. Réseau M of la Fondation de l’entrepreneurship now offers a mentorship program for entrepreneurs interested in pursuing this avenue. participants interact here to share their experience

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Deshaies-Tremblay: The winning duo

Picture of Dave Tremblay of ThesTeaTaxi

Dave Tremblay, cofounder of Thés TeaTaxi

Dave Tremblay, cofounder of Thés TeaTaxi in Abitibi, and Bernard Deshaies, an experienced retailer, built over the years a mentoring relationship to succeed together. Today, they maintain a strong professional relationship built on trust. Discover what truly motivated them to work together.

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Cybermentorship, a new trend

New information technologies help us to eliminate barriers and choose regardless of the distance. This is why Quebec entrepreneurs are exploring the cybermentoring avenue. Catherine Légaré from the Academos mentoring network explains how virtual mentoring benefits the new generation of entrepreneurs and brings together business people.

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