Four Quebec companies part of the AI revolution


Thursday, January 18, 2018
In recent years, artificial intelligence has profoundly transformed the way we do business in Quebec and around the world. Discover five Quebec companies who have put AI at the heart of their business! 

Local Logic: Exploiting the potential of urban data

Vincent-Charles Hodder turned his university project into an international business! His platform aggregates data which allows users to find housing based on various criteria, such as distance from public transportation or proximity to local parks. This city lover collects megadata, which he sorts using artificial intelligence. His model has been proven to work within Montreal, which has led his company to make inroads into other urban markets in Canada and the U.S.

Local Logic's team

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How Ubios makes residential buildings intelligent

After selling his information security company, Mathieu Lachaîne launched Ubios, a company evolving within the smart housing market. He has developed a wall unit that combines an intelligent thermostat with a valve that monitors water flow and notes any irregularities. The technology developed by Ubios combines the Internet with AI objects. It collects data on usage by occupants through sensors connected to the Internet. The Ubios system interprets the data in order to change its behaviour using artificial intelligence.

Mathieu Lachaîne

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Ask PAM: A breath of fresh air in the hotel business

Pamela Alfred created Ask PAM to improve the effectiveness of hotel concierges by gathering together all their communications into a single platform and promoting information exchange between individuals. More than 200 clients use the platform today. Over time, the entrepreneur realized her platform was collecting unique data on the industry. This made applying artificial intelligence an obvious addition to the mix. Ask PAM works in collaboration with Microsoft to process the data collected.

Pamela Alfred

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How mnubo makes objects intelligent

Frédéric Bastien of mnubo bet on the Internet of Things and data processing for his business idea. It was a bet that paid off, based on his sales revenue for 2016, which increased 600 percent. The company collects, analyzes and treats data using the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. His platform of services transforms raw data into indicators and predictions for various clients.

Frédéric Bastien

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