Are entrepreneurs born or made?

Advice from Ernest Yale and other entrepreneurs

Thursday, September 21, 2017
Do people in business have entrepreneurship running through their veins or did they develop their business sense over time? Entrepreneurs like Ernest Yale of Triotech discuss the issue in this video clip.
The video is only available in French.

We asked a number of entrepreneurs: Is business management a natural-born talent or a skill that can be learned over time?

“I don’t think you have to be born an entrepreneur. But you do have to be passionate, believe in your idea and never give up,” answers Ernest Yale right away, while adding that he himself became an entrepreneur out of circumstance.

Serial entrepreneur Audry Larocque divides entrepreneurs into two types: those who chose it by necessity and those who started a business out of ambition.

Although none of our respondents seemed to see entrepreneurship as an innate quality, Antoine Bisson of Poka thinks it is possible to be born into an environment that encourages good business sense. But above all, personality still plays a big role.


« Some people have a greater aptitude than others for becoming entrepreneurs or business executives. »

Antoine Bisson

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