How to recognize employees? Loan them an electric car!


Thursday, January 19, 2017
Bectrol is a model of employee involvement. The shift toward a more collaborative approach started in 1991 when the sons of the company’s founder took over. In 2012, their sister Yolaine joined them. Together, they sustain this spirit of collaboration by taking concrete steps to involve employees and build their loyalty.

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Involving employees in company decisions

Bectrol recently changed its branding. Everyone in the company has contributed to the facelift, and spruced up the offices. "Some have done a major overhaul, while others bought some paint or new furniture," says general manager Benoit. 

When all the work is complete, employees will create a piece of group artwork, under an art specialist's guidance. "We're going to create a huge mural that reflects our values."

Rewarding collaboration

Bectrol executives really promote teamwork. "Employees often help colleagues in other divisions without being asked," says Benoit. 

These efforts are rewarded with gift certificates that can be used in local businesses. 

Recognizing needs and interests 

Bectrol's staff includes hockey, soccer and fitness coaches. "We give them flexible work schedules to fit their needs. It's the same with vacation. We want our employees to feel valued," says Benoit. 

A recognition and compensation program is also offered, based on their interests. "Parents with young kids have different interests than employees who are single. We're always thinking of ways to meet their needs."

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