Canada Sauce: Finding the recipe for commercialization

An interview with Simon-Pierre Murdock

Friday, October 4, 2019
Canada Sauce experienced immediate success when it launched its trio of sauces—ketchup, relish and mustard—in the summer of 2019. The concept behind the company is to offer authentic condiments created from local ingredients while also being transparent in terms of ingredients and communications.

Before putting its products on the market, Simon-Pierre Murdock and his associates took 10 months to refine their recipes, marketing plan and commercialization strategy. From the importance of finding the right time to launch your product to responding to consumer and retailer expectations, learn how Canada Sauce was able to get the most out of every opportunity they were presented with.

“I think that to launch a competitive company with staying power, you need both an entrepreneur that believes in their venture and a strategy for overcoming barriers to entry.”

Simon-Pierre Murdock