Your store location: A key success factor?


Friday, July 28, 2017
The entrepreneur who created Vestibule, a clothing and accessories boutique on Montreal’s St-Laurent Boulevard, paid particular attention to this issue. And it was time well spent.


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The Key Factor

From the moment she began working on her company, Audrey Morissette knew that the location of her boutique would be a key factor in its success:

“In my opinion, location was such an important thing to consider and it’s what took me the most time! I’m a big shopper and I realized that there are spots where you can find lots of successful stores all located in the same area.” In fact, collaborators who helped her with the writing of her business plan later confirmed her suspicion.

Her first requirement: set up her boutique on a street where there was a lot of pedestrian traffic and people were likely to make an unplanned stop in the store. “I live on the North Shore. I thought about opening my store in that area but people mostly get around by car and prefer to shop in malls. They won’t go to a store if it’s the only one there is,” she explains.

So why not pick a shopping mall then? “Shopping centres are mostly looking for stores that are chains. Plus, the rent is really expensive.”

The storefront was also a critical element for the business owner: “I wanted a window that was really striking, at eye level to tempt passersby to stop in and shop.”

Rosemère, Québec, Saint-Sauveur, Brossard, Outremont, Griffintown, Old Montreal: the many neighbourhoods that the entrepreneur researched over the eight months that she was searching, before deciding that they weren’t the right fit because they didn’t meet her expectations.

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